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Across the Broken Tide|Blog Tour Review

Title: Across the Broken Tide
Author: LaKase Cousino
Publisher: Written In Melanin Publishing
Publication date: 01 June 2021
Age group: New Adult
Genres: Fantasy

In a world where the politics of court determines the future of every person in the kingdom, Dima has maneuvered her
way not only into the good graces of the caliph as a tutor for his daughters, but into the heart of his son. However,
when a prank goes a step too far, the childhood friends are separated in an effort to force them to grow into the people
they are expected to become.
When a simple journey turns into a kidnapping, Dima is thrust into a strange land and must rely on a dark magical
power that had been long buried in the sands of her home. But as her magic grows stronger and the tides of her new
home rise, so do her darker temptations.
Caught between her heart and her magic, she finds herself struggling to choose who she will become. Through
interactions with vikings, pirates, magical creatures who only speak in riddles, and forces hellbent on controlling
everything she holds dear, Dima must discover who she is beyond the politics of the royal court.

On-page Representation
★ POC (Black)
★ Religion (Muslim)
Trigger and Content Warnings
★ Battle Violence

My review

Thank you to Caffeine Book Tours for selecting me to be part of this tour. I received an early review copy for this tour. All opinions are my own.Don’t forget to check the other tour hosts’ schedule with their content and reviews here.

I had requested to be on this blog tour after reading the synopsis as it sounded like a book I’d enjoy. Between joining the blog tour and actually reading it, I had actually forgotten what it was about. Though I’m happy to say, I really liked this book!

This book primarily follows Dima as she is ready to leave her home and where she is comfortable to go out into the world and find where she fits best but it all goes horribly wrong.

This was a very quick read and there really wasn’t ever a dull moment. I kept wanting to read more and not stop. This is saying a lot because this is the first book I’ve finished in a month and I read it in 2 days!

This book is told in 3rd person point of view and I really liked that we got to know a bit more about the world through this and what other characters were doing and it really added a lot more to the story. It helped to understand each character more fully and their backstory.

I really liked the world it was set in and we learned about it bit by bit and I loved learning about the different countries they had and the different languages that were spoken. I liked the little bit of magic woven in and learning more about it along with the characters.

The characters were well fleshed out and I really liked our main character Dima and how she matured. She became a character who followed her best friend into anything without thinking of the consequences to someone who could lead. She became a strong willed independent character. She really understood what was happening and made good decisions. I also really liked Olga as she was a bright addition and she just brought a smile to my face. Jens was a really great character and it was great to see him wanting to help out as much as possible. Azad was an interesting character and it was great to see his development by the end of the book. 

There wasn’t much of a romance in this, but the small bit it did have I really liked and I hope it’ll be explored more in later books. It was very well developed and enjoyable.

After that ending,I’m really looking forward to the next book as I know there is a lot more to explore and I would love to know more about the world as it is so vast.i I look forward to reading further books by LaKase Cousino that she releases!

This book was filled with magic, mystery intrigue, and great friendships and I highly recommend you pick this up!


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About the Author

LaKase Cousino is the author of historical fantasy, a musician, and Medieval History obsessive from the Midwest. Her
debut novel Across the Broken Tide is forthcoming from Written in Melanin Publishing. When not writing, LaKase can
be found reading about the 10th century or playing fetch with the family dog Ife.

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