10 thoughts on “Pondathon|Sign up and TBR

  1. Ohh All the Bright Places is one of my favorite ❀️ I hope you’d like it !
    I keep seeing everyone on team Xiaolong ahaha — I wonder who’s the other teams?

    Good luck, and have fun! xx


  2. I love seeing everyone else’s Pondathon signup posts! Flora is so cute, and you’ve got some great titles on your TBR. best of luck! πŸ€

    I’m Team Gen since most of my backlog consists of backlist books, though it’s definitely slower inasfar as collecting points I think it’s more rewarding for me personally haha.

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    1. Thank you!

      I thought of being Team Gen but I have a lot of 2019 books so I didn’t want to limit myself to just 2018 and prior. It’s more rewarding as you finally get to reduce backlist TBR! Good luck to you too!

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  3. I really liked All the Bright Places and felt like Library of Souls was a solid conclusion to the original trilogy for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series. Ooh, I will be curious to see what you make of Red Queen!

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