The Heart of Stone|Blog Tour & Review

The Heart of Stone

Merciless. Murderer. Monster. He has been called many names in his time.

Built for war and nothing else, he has witnessed every shade of violence humans know, and he has wrought his own masterpieces with their colours. He cared once, perhaps, but far too long ago. He is bound to his task, dead to the chaos he wreaks for his masters.

Now, he has a new master to serve and a new war to endure. In the far reaches of the Realm, Hartlund tears itself in two over coin and crown. This time he will fight for a boy king and a general bent on victory.

Beneath it all he longs for change. For something to surprise him. For an end to this cycle of warfare.

Thank you to @WriteReads and Ben Galley for my review copy. All opinions are my own. I’m so happy I asked to be on this blog tour!

This book follows Task,a golem who has a new master and yet again needs to help win a war. I’ve never read a book about a golem before. It was interesting to see how a non-human dealt with emotions and with this war, seeing as he was apart of many wars.He was trying to see what made this war different to countless others,or if in fact it was any different at all. It was fascinating to see how Task was created, 400 years ago,from stone and old magic. He has a master and he has to follow the master’s every command and it’s interesting to see how he overcomes that.

The world building in this book was excellent. I loved learning about how the war came about and how the magic system worked. It was a very different story as we were seeing it from a non-human perspective and I loved seeing his take on humans and his commentary on humans and wars. This book is definitely very violent and gory but it showed the brutality of war. I loved the snippets of letters or journals at the start of the chapter, as it gave more information to the reader.

I really liked the writing style and it fit well with the story told. It was a third person perceptive, mostly focusing on Task but in some areas following others. I found that I could see what character was feeling and it flowed well.I was given information the characters weren’t which meant I could put the pieces of the story together. I completely missed a lot of the obvious things,but understood something better because of it.

The story was very well done and it definitely had a lot of twists that I wasn’t expecting. It was a slow story at times where you got to learn a lot about the characters but it was very quick in the action sequences and the fighting. I think it was more so about Task and what he was facing, rather than a story only on war. I think the ending was perfect for Task’s character. It showed his character coming full circle in a sense.

I think every character in this book was done very well. We knew their motivations, why they did what they were doing. My favourite character has to be Task, as although he is not human, we get to see his humanity and see how he deals with situations. The reader would grow to love his as I do, because he was more than a machine he was made out to be and had depth and layers to him. He didn’t just carry out the tasks his master said, but he remembered and reflected on them He sees himself as broken, but I can see his humanity. Lesky is a character that was there for Task and I loved their friendship and how much they cared for each other. She treated him like more than a machine and seen that he had feelings too. Alabast seemed like a completely different character by the end of the book. He underwent major development and I’m glad he did.

Overall, I love this book and would recommend anyone who loves fantasy and political books! This will have characters that you want to root for and I think it is a unique story you will love.


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About The Author

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Ben Galley is an author of dark and epic fantasy books who currently hails from Victoria, Canada.

Since publishing his debut The Written in 2010, Ben has released a range of award-winning fantasy novels, including the weird western Bloodrush and the epic standalone The Heart of Stone. He is also the author of the brand new Chasing Graves Trilogy.

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