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Hey everyone,

The prompt I’m doing today was hosted by Camilla @ Reader in the Attic. So make sure to check out the original post!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you local horror stories! These are stories from parts of the UK. I don’t know why but for some reason I couldn’t find any interesting ones very local to me.
Haunted Phone Box

A red phone box is said to be haunted after an incident in the 70s. A Catholic couple and a priest were waiting to use the phone box and inside was a women that was aged 25 to 30 who was wearing a red jumper. She was obviously talking on the phone. When she had been in there for a long time,the priest opened the door to ask her how long she’s going to take and she vanished into thin air!

Apparetly the spirit was of a mother, whose children had been in a fire and who was calling 999.

The story has evolved over the years and she is known as The Melting Woman because of how she dissappeared.
Legendary Haunted House

Eddington Park, a victorian mansion is said to be scary to look at without even going inside. Spirits inside the house have scared staff and visitors alike.One of the spirits is a phantom lady in white,who roams the halls. She’s been seen disappearing into walls and the like.
Phantom Truck

This is about a man in the 80s who was on his way home in the fog and his car headlights couldn’t go far. There were suddenly headlights in his field of vision and they were headed straight for him! He realised it was a lorry and he had to get out of the way quickly. He had to swerve his car off the road and he crashed and turned. He seen the truck had vanished!

Other people have had the same story but the drivers face was never seen!

The source for the two latter stories.

I know they aren’t that interesting but oh well I tried.I think the phantom truck would make a good book as I’m sure there’s similar stories out there.

What do you think of these stories? Which story did you like best?Which story would make a good book?

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