Fictional Creatures I’d Hate To Encounter

Graphic made by Anthony @KeepReadingForward

Hey guys!

It’s day 5 of Blogoween and today’s host is Kaleena @ Reader Voracious.Make sure to check out her post! Today’s prompt is fictional creatures/ monsters you wouldn’t like to encounter.

So here’s my list:

1.Wendigos:I find them to be really scary as I’ve seen them protrayed in Teen Wolf and Supernatural. These are man eating monsters! I would run for the hills if they were real.

2.Shapeshifter:I find the ability to turn into anyone creepy. I’ve watched a few seasons of Supernatural and shapeshifters do so much to ruin people’s lives. So glad that they’re not real.

3.Werewolf: They’re not in control. The strength and agility is nice and all but once they turn they don’t care whether you’re friend or foe. They will attack you.

4.Clockwork Creatures: I’m currently rereading Clockwork Princess 😭 and the Clockwork Creatures are so creepy. They look like humans but move around awkwardly and bleed black blood. Plus they want to kill people.

5.Zombies:I’ve always found Zombies to be horrible.They eat brains!I would not want to be near them. I like my brain, thank you.

Which fictional creature would you not like to encounter?

Tell me in the comments!

19 thoughts on “Fictional Creatures I’d Hate To Encounter

      1. Because! They would the rest of the people playing cards and I could win the pot! xD Obvi they wouldn’t eat me because they would have accepted me as one of their own. lol. I’ve thought this through way too much lol.

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      1. Oh gosh, I feel like there’s too much to say in one reply! I remember reading somewhere that you don’t talk about them through the last 6 months of the year because it’s like a calling-card, if you will. And I also remember from reading online that Wendigoag are said to live in the easter parts of Canada, and the North Easter parts of the US. Pretty interesting honestly. I’m glad I live on the West Coast of Canada, haha.

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  2. I agree with all of these! Wendigos have always fascinated me for some reason, and shapeshifters are terrifying because you never know who they truly are! In fact I wish I could find more books with both creatures lol.

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