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A Date For Hannah review


A Date For Hannah by Callie Henry Source:Recieved from author in exchange for honest review
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High-schooler, Hannah, has always been self-conscious about her weight, so when hottie swimmer, Liam, pays her extra attention at her sister’s wedding, she has a hard time trusting his interest. Throughout the evening, Liam’s charm wins her over, until they’re falling hard for each other. But the next day, Hannah learns something that may ruin it all.

My review

I received A Date For Hannah by the Author in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was a very cute and easy read. This book is about two teenagers who meet at Hannah’s half-sister’s wedding and instantly click. It’s about Hannah overcoming her insecurities and doubts about her body and loving her size 16 self. The two third person points of view gave an insight to what both characters were feeling and I thought it was very effective. It was a very fluffy read and the conflict was solved very quickly. I really liked Liam and how he talks about body positivity and loving yourself for who you are. He shows what’s on the inside that matters. The writing was very easy to read and I liked that the whole book was about body positivity!


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